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US Park Pass offers outdoor explorers access to all national parks, monuments, and recreation areas in the United States, along with travel guides, resources, gear, and gift ideas to empower travelers to discover nature and truly enjoy and experience all of its benefits.

We are building a platform to connect travelers with the National Parks and communities that surround them. We want to inspire people to explore, dream and discover nature — and ultimately create a community of like-minded individuals and partners that want to help protect our public lands.

US Park Pass connects travelers with the National Parks and communities that surround them.

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“We believe in making connections — on the road, online and in-person — because the journey is as important as the final destination.”
Ivo Bottcher-Yu & James Nichols, Co-Founders

Ivo Bottcher-Yu

We are Sherpas, here to assist outdoor explorers on their journeys. Our goal is to provide our customers with all they need to experience the outdoors. Likewise, we hire the people, not the role. I am a firm believer that individuals’ unique values combined are what truly grow a company.

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James Nichols

My head is wrapped around everything from marketing to sales to support. We’re building a marketplace to connect travelers with the National Parks and small business communities that surround them. We’re dedicated to the preservation of, and accessibility to the national parks, and hope you do the same in whatever way you can.

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Our Story


US Park Pass was created by two friends who love to explore the outdoors. Ivo is an avid marathon runner and national monument buff; James is the wilderness explorer and backcountry expert. They know first-hand the benefits of spending time outdoors. During a hike in Yosemite National Park, these two friends embarked on an adventure together with one common goal: they believed everyone should have access to nature and feel welcome in it. In 2018, they started a company that would connect people to nature and help make them less afraid of the unknown.